Creative Planning & Execution

Ideas are easy.Implementation is Hard!

We specialize in the design and implementation of ERP systems for the small and medium businesses across industries. We implement innovative business models for customers revolving around product management, niche consulting and support services.

We bring an unique approach in each of our engagements by blending management culture with technology expertise.

Why BigSun?

"To be recognized as emerging leaders in innovative technology development and solution delivery business"

We provide technology consulting & implementation services in the areas of process optimization, business integration & strategic cost management. Our services include analysis, design, development, testing, deployment and operational support of application development platforms and systems

We will work to meet explicit and latent needs of our customers by developing new products supported by strong services. We will build a profitable product brand & an enterprise that adheres to the best standards of corporate governance.

Our Services

Technology Consult-"CIO on Hire"

  • Analyze changing requirements of the business.
  • Develop an architecture for the future.
  • Find feasible ways to satisfy users.
  • Define standards for secure communication.
  • Improve reporting needs and data analysis.
  • Value Consult-"Return on Investment"

  • Identifying revenue drivers.
  • Establishing benchmarks.
  • Recommend solutions to maximize effectiveness.
  • Apply complex technologies to business strategies.
  • Minimize costs with acceptable risks.
  • Technology Implementation

  • Plan,develop,implement requirements of users.
  • Translate technology to lay audiences.
  • Serve as the primary contact to all stakeholders.
  • Analyze and resolve issues.
  • Recommend changes based on impact analysis.

  • Attention is in the details!

    Here is where we come in. We help you brainstorm new ideas and deliver high quality results.