Industry Specific Applications

BigSun Technologies Pvt Ltd offers industry specific developments and products designed for enterprises. Every industry has its own unique business processes, requirements, and challenges. Each company within that industry have their own unique processes. The solutions we provide deliver flexibility and choice to our customers across their IT landscape.

Today organizations are shifting from a pure production driven approach to an end to end solutions in product lifecycle management (PLM) along with an integrated view of all customer related activities (CRM). In essense, we deliver to such market driven requirements.


Use our integration capabilities to gain greater control of your operations by boosting supply chain visibility, automating key (purchase, sales, inventory, finance, maintenance) processes, automate production & ensure regulatory compliance . Our solutions help reduce costs & increase the scale of your operations, optimize inventory with smarter resource planning & improve on-time order fulfillments.


Explore a comprehensive solution for finance operations; governance, risk and compliance. Our solution can help you get an integrated view of your finance functions, tap into real-time performance insights, and close the books quickly and accurately. The solution provides for business planning, profitability & cost management, spend management apart from standard accounting.


We provide industry-leading healthcare software solutions and transformational services for patient management, customer relationship management, revenue cycle management, billing, and electronic health and medical records. Our offering includes Enterprise resource planning (ERP), claims and patient accounting systems, clinical systems, workforce management & compliance.


We offer you flexible & automated support for processing various goods movement and managing stock in your warehouse. The system supports you with planned and efficient management of all logistics processes in your warehouse complex. Improve financial management and cash flow with faster & more accurate billing

Financial Services

Our solution provides the advanced claims, policy, and billing management capabilities that insurers need to improve efficiency, profitability and customer loyalty.


The solution helps you focus on your most profitable relationships, and streamline your processes. The solution manages planning, budgeting, execution and ends with multi dimensional reporting.


The solution helps you to improve the performance within your project and facility life cycles. You get to collaborate more closely with suppliers, subcontractors, operators, and customers to achieve your business goals.


We provide a detailed project management tool which manages manpower, machinery and money across chain-ages and the entire lifecycle of an infrastructure project.The system is designed to track plan v/s actual and provides the desired alerts for deviation.


Leverage integrated financial and administrative support processes, automated tower site monitoring, and improved time and expense management .


The solution provides a complete view of your operations, improve after-sales support, track compliance, facilitate innovation and accelerate time to market. We provide easy solutions for complex engineering problems such as managing 18 attributes and 6 dimensions for each item, multiple levels of bill of material, managing dual unit of measure at item level, managing multiple tax structures and many more.

Consumer Products

We have capability to provide solutions for supply chain & modern trade which includes Demand Driven Supply Networks, Collaborative Planning Forecasting & Replenishment, Product Lifecycle Management, Vendor Managed Inventory and more.

Clinical Research

Big data discovery goes beyond traditional enterprise analytics. Our scalable solution, unparalleled computing design, and advancement in analytics enable you to break new ground. This includes harnessing and analyzing high volume machine data captured from patient medical records, predictive modeling of future outcome, associated care and more.


We provide scalable, mobile ready business applications for organisations who want to build their online business. We take complete ownership of design, development, deployment, hosting, support and management of the portal. We also provide third party integration for SMS, Email, Payment Gateway & Security.

Guest Relations Software

A business portal which helps track and manage feedback from customers effectively.

Call Centre Management

A business portal which helps assign calls, collect feedback and generate reports on performance of agents to manage a call centre operation effectively.

Shopping Cart

This web application allows a business to set up their own shopping cart linked to their website in a very organised and effective manner.

NDNC Scrubber

This web application provides a platform where companies can transact, screen and scrub the "Do Not Call" (DNC) numbers registered with the telecom regulatory authority of India.

Document Management

This web application manages various types of documents in a secure portal with access controls, security and workflow for approvals


This web application provides a simple digitized solution for the movement of files, documents in an organization. The solution has a unique file numbering system & provides file creation, movement, tracking, review and approval processes. Dynamic file attributes and audit trail features of the solution helps in tracking files.

A free portal for doctors and patients to collaborate. The goal is to create an online database of doctors that enables patients to book their appointments. It assist patients access doctors appointments online thereby helping doctors maximise their time utilisation.