Business Applications

BigSun Technologies Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of applications and products designed for enterprises and small businesses across different industry verticals. These solutions are built around the latest technologies in cloud computing, mobility and big data. The products provides flexibility and choice to our customers across their IT landscape. In essense, we build to deliver on innovation led business growth.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Zelene is a web-based product offering, which integrates sales, purchase,finance, stock, budget & projects across a business.

Health Information System

Proxima is a web-based product offering from BigSun Technologies, which integrates OPD, IPD, Pharmacy, Wards, Surgery, EMR, Nursing, Pathology, Radiology, Inventory, Purchase, HR, Payroll, Insurance, Records, Packages, Billing, Finance & Accounts across a business.

Warehouse Management Software

Arc is a web-based product offering, which integrates inward, outward, billing,finance, labor, payroll, purchase & maintenance across a business.

Financial Accounting Software

SUNN Financials is a web-based product offering, which integrates budgets, purchase, sales, advances, payments & receipts across a business.

Customer Relationship Management

Emerge is a web-based product offering, which integrates leads, prospects, orders, service, budget & engagements across a business.


Tracker is a web based product offering which provides alerts for various expenses across verticals. It also helps in tracking events, utility bills, documents and any recurring activity.

Service Tracker

Dolphin is a help desk software which allows companies to track various issues based on priority. This can be used both for internal and external projects and alerts you with with colourful messages in your inbox.

Project Management Software

OMS is a detailed project management tool which delivers projects as per a set of defined tasks.The system is designed to track plan v/s actual and provides the desired alerts for deviation.


Helios is a multi company HR and payroll processing software which provides flexible salary structuring, employee data master and transaction records, hierarchy, time and attendance, pay slip and required statutory and MIS reports.

Leave Management

LMS is a simple leave management tool with leave status and multiple workflows.

Social Networking Application

This is an application which establishes multiple levels of relationship across villages of a community. The sites becomes a common point for sharing news information, events, and many more.

Telecom NDNC Application

This application provides a platform where companies can transact and scrub the DNC numbers registered with the telecom regulatory authority.

Call Centre Management

This application helps you to collect data and assign to different team members. It captures all the desired feedback accurately.

Private Airline Chartering

This site allows you to charter a private flight online. It manages the complexity of the airline business effectively providing the customer with accurate information.

Dental Protection Chain

This application allows you to conduct camps, identify potential prospects requiring dental care and structures services effectively around the same.

Appointment Scheduling

This application allows consumers to set up appointments with service providers in a very organised and effective manner.

Business Analytics

Management through exception is delivered through this application. It allows you to define KPIs and configure them based on your expectations. It further provides a leading report which gives you accurate insight.

Distribution Portal

This application provides information and transaction access to partners of a consumer product business. This application integrates with legacy ERP applications .

Clinical EMR

This application provides clinicians an opportunity to plot the important parameters of their patient and draw the desired findings and reports. The key here is the data security and privacy managed in the extraction methods. This includes harnessing and analyzing high volume machine data captured from patient medical records, predictive modeling of future outcome, associated care and more.

Document Management

This application manages various types of documents in a secure portal with access controls, security and workflow for approvals.


This application provides a document identification for each scanned document which can then be tagged to multiple transactions. This application also provides integrated workflow with our financial accounting software.

Shopping Cart

This application provides an e-commerce catalog to display products, add specifications, prices and integrates with a payment gateway.