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A website today is your identity and the most important element for every single business today. It is the simplest way of creating your identity. We believe that the future of every business will be on the web. Any website involves three different dimensions. The first dimension includes concept, design, structure, layouts, graphics, browser support, images, seo ready & mobile compatible designs. Usability, links, short messages, navigation, colour, fonts, short text & logo forms the second dimension. The third is content, which is the most important dimension. The future of any company on the web will eventually be about content and the ability to generate new content.

After the above elements are in place, we need to bring in the functional coding. You can manage the same if you wish or choose to get it done from us. The effort includes a secure, administrative control area to manage the website elements. This includes content management, document management, image management and more. This is followed by adding user login & management, product listing, shopping cart, sms integration, email integration, online payment gateway integration & data archival management.

The next step is to set up an infrastructure which will manage this work for the next few years. This includes the web identity, web application server, database, bandwidth & hosting management. This area has to be carefully understood and managed as recurring costs are involved. The recurring costs include data refreshment (photos, content, layout, sms), seo, marketing, online advertisements, content, infrastructure & site management.

Each engagement for us is unique and this initiate takes around 6 months to complete. Our prices start from $ 25,000.00 for such engagements. If you are passionate about this subject and want to engage with us on this initiative, please send us your contact details on We will get in touch with you.

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